My Bittersweet Voyage

Nahh, I'm just your typical kid :)

Creative Key Holder
André Rumann designed this key tag and holder. I love the idea of “parking” the key tag on the garage holder. Also, you can choose from various car models. How awesome is that!

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The Where, the Why, and the How

A book about the greatest mysteries in the world of science, as illustrated by different artists. What more could you ask for? I think this book is really one of a kind.

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In love with blogging websites
After the long absence, I'm here again!
Ohhh haiiii. I missed livejournal so much!
And now, I'm going to talk about different blogging sites that I've been.

My first love. Really good.
On a scale of 1-5, I'd rate this as 4.
It has everything. But customizing the theme is quite difficult.
Writing is fun especially with the 'mood' and 'location' and 'music' stuff that comes along with your blog entry.

Second love.
Many cute customized theme found online.
Writing is easy too. I like the follow blog feature.
Rated as 3? or 4?

Third love. Clean and elegant.
Writing becomes quite complicated here. You have to familiarize everything first.
But I love how it's organized.
I got problems signing in but it's fine.
Rated as 4.


I'm not sure if tumblr should be included here. But I'll include it anyway.
Tumblr is the SHIZZ, yo!
It's fun, you've got a lot of friends. Awesome graphics, cute themes, cool dashboard.
Rated as 5!

   I've been having a dilemma about which to use as my *forever* blog site. Haha! And found Blogger better than LiveJournal. Though not a lot of people reads my blogs, the thing is that I express all the things I want to let out and I enhance my skills in writing.

   This account won't be deleted though. It will remain as long as it could remain. I just wouldn't be using it as daily as I would be using Blogger. Okay. That's it. See you in Blogger then? :-P

Boys Before Flowers
Mostly known as "Boys Over Flowers"

from left to right: Kim Joon, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, Koo Hye Sun, and Kim Hyun Joong.

Here's the plot:

Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry-cleaning shop that is located near the luxurious and well-known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four most richest and spoiled boys when she delivers laundry to the school one day. The boys are known as the F4 and cause trouble to those who speak out against them.
plot source:

I've actually just started watching them yesterday. And as every episode goes on, you can't stop clicking the next episode. It's just like a page-turner book. Though for some who have watched Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango like me, which has the same plot and which means they know what would happen in the end, I could definitely say that it is not boring. Yes, it is slight same but firstly, there are different characters, two: some things are way too different from the other shows, and three: it has it's own story. It's just not any copycat show, why would it be loved by viewers if it is then? So yeah, you get the point.

This show makes lot of screaming fan girls. Just like me. I would scream "wah!" while sitting at my bed watching this addicting series. Then will say "omigad omigad omigad" and would go back saying "wah!" But again, that's just me. You may find it funny, crazy, scary or what so ever but I won't care. I'm just letting out my emotions.

SPOILER! You have been warned.
I'm currently at Episode 6-- They are at an island (I forgot what it's called lol) and then Jan Di drowned because she was having leg cramps. Then Ji Hoo came rescuing her leaving Jun Pyo guilty, jealoused and regretting for the fact that he can't swim, he can't save Jan Di whom he love, and of all the people in the world, Ji Hoo his *rival* was the one to save her.

Woops, I'll edit this some time. When I'm not too lazy or busy, or maybe when I finish this series.

Friend me first :)
Hi to ya'll.
From now on, I'd be showing some personal posts for friends only. It's getting really creepy that some people read some parts of my life without me knowing. So yeah, posts that aren't so personal will be visible to everyone.

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I need Ideas People
Ugh, I hate my background. Tell me I have to change it because I really want to (uhh, lol? hahah) but first! Ideas ppl? :P

Okay, lol. I ask people's suggestions when no one's really reading this. HAHA. Oh well. But if you are, kindly comment, cause I'm starting to feel weird-- my posts are visible to everyone under the sun and I have a lot of things about my personal life written in here. So maybe in the future, I'll make this private to make my posts visible to friends only :)

A 13 year old's Point of View about LIFE
 I've come to realize that there's more to life if you dig everything out. I mean, idk, I was having this major head ache a while ago and I was crying at my bed the whole time for like 5 hours? And a thought about life suddenly popped out. So I stood up and got my TLE notebook (because it has a lot of empty pages on it for me to write) and my favorite mechanical pencil and wrote everything that's on my brain. Such an unusual thing isn't it?
I'm *kinda* okay now though, I have eaten yummy food and drink my medicine. (lol that sounds weird.)

 Sooo this is a 13 year old's point of view about life.
 I know I can't talk it out, but I do know how to write the crap and everything.
I grew up as a very quiet kid in this town called Al Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who always loved writing. From diaries to pad paper, I write random stuffs I see inside a school book. I also write everything that went on my day-- always equipped with the date and time. I became the current me right now when I was grade 5. I think it was the time that I learned how to talk with other people, like socializing with em. But I never stopped writing even though I knew how to interact with people and all. Well a part of the shy, sensitive and quiet kid that I was is still here inside of me. And I will always love diaries and journals cause they always aid me whenever i feel bad.

Oh-kay, here's the start. :)
Life can go wrong. There are times that it's difficult and it's hateful. Everybody knows that. It's inevitable I must say. But always keep in mind that it's there for a reason. We should not feel alone whenever we experience this so-called trials, because millions of other people under the sun experiences them too. It's not only you.

These "trials" or hardships in life can turn anyone's worlds upside down. It's life changing. It transforms a lot of people to someone who they don't even know. Like-- a completely blissful kid... she can be very miserable and pity-looking. But we must be strong. That's just an example. Don't let your problems conquer you. Nothing is permanent.

Try your best to not be affected too much about the people around you. Avoid to be pulled down by people who are giving up and losing faith.  But, be strong enough to influence them to live their lives up.

He will not let you down. Have faith in Him, to them, and most especially to yourself. Have a positive outlook in life. Laugh at all the mistakes and try your very best to change them. As Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Remember the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine" ? Do you agree with it? I personally agree with this. 2 thumbs up to the person who first said that. (idk who it was lol) Maybe, it won't heal you completely, but it can make you feel really better. Annndd I say that we should live our lives at its fullest because you'll never know when you'll stop breathing. It's creepy, but true.

Love is usually interpreted wrong by teens and kids like me or maybe even adults-- someone hears "love" and they commonly take it as the boyfriend-girlfriend thing. I myself thought it was when I was like 9, so silly. Hmmm. It's just like how twilight and paramore is interpreted wrong. I have friends that when you say you like or love paramore, expect that the next thing they say is twilight. Haha. But yeah, people are born different from one another. Ooopps, back to the topic. The word "love" is a powerful word. It can do anything any man thought he/she cannot do. Well, if there's no love in this world... having peace, family, friends etc etc is perhaps not considered at all.

I think love is what this world is mostly about. :)

Designing my LJ
 I'm starting to think that my LiveJournal is pretty boring. Today! or perhaps tonight... is the start for a new and more interesting journal! Hahaha.

I'm making my LJ layout now then later (if I'm not yet sleepy)... I'll post a blog about yesterday! It was fun skating in ice-- Ice skating. lol
So yeah. :P


Okay! Finish. "exiiguity" is AWESOME! Thanks for the layout stylesheet. It's really amazing. :)
I know my background image sucks... :P Will change that but not right now, I'm too lazy. And!! Maybe if I'm super happy and Idk I'll be making a banner. :D

My Paramore Posters
First of all, thanks to 'dreamingawakex' I would not have known this exists if you had not posted yours :)

Sooooo I've read about this website called Block Posters ( this morning. And thought of  making my very own Paramore Poster and post it in my room. At first, I was kind of hesitant because of the ink I'll be wasting if I'll do it but voila... I ended up doing it. So there, I did my poster in the said website and printed it, cut, and taped it on the wall. See pictures below :)

Sadly though, it may empty your ink cartridge. Be sure that you have enough ink. Our black ink ran out and I don't know what my dad would say Haha! :P The third poster was ruined-- Josh and Zac's image was bad but I fixed it (slightly)

Well, I've always wanted a Poster especially if it's Paramore, my all-time favorite band.

Me cutting the First Paramore (Sliced) Poster

First Poster I printed :)

The second poster (Note: Look at Josh's background and Zac's shirt)

The look from afar. It's nice doing some tasks with Paramore Posters
in front of you ;)


More pictures here:

Changed the pictures, had to put a signature stuff in it. So no one will grab without my permission. :P


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